“Return of the Quack (Once again)”…

Many an Oregon student had this one thought at the back of their minds heading into this school year: What’s Supwitchugirl going to do this year? Everyone knew the “Holy moly, is that my boy Masoli?” line wasn’t going to work since the old #8 went to Ole Miss. So how was this group of three students going to top the viral-video wonder that they released last year? Answer: “Return of the Quack.”

Not only is this video of a better picture quality, but the editing is better, the lyrics are better (fitted to this year’s team), and the creativity behind the production is better – way better than I imagined it could be. And thankfully, it came at the perfect time: Just before the #4 Ducks square up against the #9 Stanford Cardinal. College football analysts across the board are paying attention to Stanford’s defense, their offense and quite simply, their hard-hitting mentality. And that Owen Marecic might be annoying on both sides of the ball.

Even the Register-Guard has been covering stories about the Cardinal team throughout the week, making Duck fans, especially me, a little nervous. Approaching the biggest game Oregon has had so far with the spotlight on the opponent doesn’t allow for much comfort from Duck fans. And then I hopped on Facebook, clicked on a link shared by a friend, and had my doubts drowned out by “I Love My Ducks!”

Just when Oregon fans needed something more to cheer with heading into this game, Supwitchugirl releases their modified version of “I Love My Ducks.” I’ve already watched it five times and I’m probably going to watch it ten more times before I go to work tonight. And probably another five after. And maybe five more times before I head over to Gameday. I won’t be able to make the game this weekend for two reasons: I didn’t get a ticket and I have to work. But I know that there is one thing that Oregon can’t be lacking in for this game: Volume.

If you’re going, make sure the place is loud. And if you need some inspiration, I’ve posted the video below. Go Ducks!


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