Talk, Don’t Text…

Call me, don’t text me.
I delight in hearing your voice,
listening to you stutter,
feeling the exasperation in your words –
the stress of your day.

I don’t care if you cuss,
or if you say mean things –
just please
talk to me.

Come and see me,
don’t Facebook, blog, or tweet me;
none of those give me what I need.
I want to know you deeply,
I want your humanity –
both the good and bad,
ugly and pretty,
disgusting and lovely.

When I said “I do”
I meant it for all of you –
especially your sound.

Your text is not special;
Times New Roman, Comic Sans, Candara – they’re all the same.
But you, with your voice,

I married you not because we had long IM convos
or many lol moments;
but because you snort when you laugh
and hiccup when you drink soda;
because you hold your breath when you’re mad
and your voice trembles and shakes when you’re mourning;
because you say “I loooove you” –
I need the extra “o”s.

I didn’t marry a computer or cell phone;
I married a wonderful woman
with a beautiful voice;
so please, don’t text me.

Talk to me.


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“Do not mistake me for a conjuror of cheap tricks.”

5 thoughts on “Talk, Don’t Text…”

  1. I really liked this man. I have to say. I love when my bride sends me a text. It has even made the difference in my day. She never uses tech much so I feel very special when she does.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I didn’t write this from experience; I’m not married, not even dating, lol. I have to imagine that I won’t really care too much how my future wife will communicate with me; just as long as she does. 🙂

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