A Kingly Intervention…

“Our walls have fallen,”
His people cry.
“Retreat! Retreat! Run!
Or we will die!”

No one stays behind
to defend Him.
In men’s might they trust
to offend Him.

Mocking and cursing
His Name despised;
His throne overthrown
none is surprised.

Helpless, but trying
they fight alone;
warring each other,
they eat their own.

What must a king do
when none remain?
Why should He protect
His whole domain?

What reason, what cause
shall draw His sword?
What belief, what faith
calls out His word?

In sorrow He sees
they cannot win;
for although they try
they live in sin.

Their laws, their commands
are all in vain.
Their wants, their desires
rendered insane.

Before His walls fell,
their hearts were sacked.
His enemy’s seed
within attacked.

Arising in rage
He sees a plan;
“I will intervene!
But as a man!”

Unsheathing His sword
He throws it down;
while the ground receives
His only crown.

Kicking and clawing
His foe attacks
“Though you might kill me,
I will relax.”

“You foolish old king!
You die for rats!
Wretched and selfish;
sin fills their vats!”

The King fell silent,
He spoke no word;
a whip slashed His back,
His screams unheard.

Skin hanging barely,
blood drenched the ground.
Nails pierced Him to wood
death He soon found.

Exalted in pain,
spited by men,
the King breathed His last.
“It’s finished, then.”

His people were shocked
to hear He died;
some angry, some glad
some even cried.

Chaos covered Earth,
in three day’s time.
His enemy charged
himself the prime.

More lands were conquered
people enslaved.
The enemy won;
a new world paved.

Yet something was strange:
A Presence made;
man began to feel
his debt was paid.

The enemy freaked;
chained all the slaves.
But forgot one thing:
To check the graves.

Bones rattled and danced,
combined and grew;
a massive army
for a King’s crew.

There the King appeared
leaving a tomb,
looking full of life
from a new womb.

His army rallied,
numbered like sand,
and took from His foe
the Promised Land.

His Enemy died,
sealing his fate.
And the King unlocked
a brand new gate.

New heavens, new earth,
the Scriptures say,
where lions and lambs
will rest and play.


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Cherokee / Whovian / Sherlockian / Aspiring Auror / Lover of Jesus, Scripture, and creativity / MATS Student at George Fox Seminary.

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