Just Do It…

No, I’m not advocating anything for Nike. I already do enough of that with the clothes I wear. Instead I’m thinking about the spiritual aspect of just doing it, just getting stuff done – not because you want to, but because you need to.
Between my two jobs, I worked 11 hours yesterday. And apart from discovering that both listen to the same radio station and thereby doubles the amount of repeated songs I listen to on a daily basis, I also discovered what kind of man God is recreating me to be: A responsible one.

Maturity is not how old you are; it’s the ability to discern the difference between the things you need to do and the things you want to do, and then acting accordingly. I had to work two jobs yesterday, which isn’t something I really want to do. But it was something I needed to do because I need the money to be able to make a living on my own. What’s a little crazier than working 11 hours between two jobs in one day is willingly getting up at 6:30 the next morning to get coffee with some friends.

I asked myself why I was starting my coffee pot when the sun hadn’t even come up and I didn’t really get an answer until after coffee with my friends Courtney and Ivy. It felt as though I forgot something – something important. What I realized was that my sense of laziness – that urge to cancel your coffee meeting in order to sleep in a little longer – had been sacrificed.

At first it didn’t feel good. It felt like I was making a mistake that I’d eventually have to pay for later today. But when my lazy urges were overcome by the act of getting coffee started and hopping in the shower, my habit of procrastination had been broken. It’s a habit I lived off of in college – leaving all the important assignments and study sessions until the very last day (sometimes hour) to complete them. But I now live in a world where procrastination has no place.

I can’t put off going to work until I feel like it. I can’t put off writing Sunday’s message for the high school kids until Sunday morning. And I can’t keep canceling get-togethers with friends just because I want to sleep. Getting up at 6:30 didn’t just mean I was getting coffee with friends; it meant I was changing into a person who does what needs to be done. It meant God is turning me into a person of self control.

Another way of looking at this just-doing-it thing is practice for future responsibilities, like being a husband and a father. My two friends, Ray and Sarah Schafer, have been living at the Derbyshire from time to time this summer and I’ve learned a lot about being a good father from Ray (they have twins, Solomon and Sophia).

Schafer Babies...
Bath time...

If I had to sum up what that is, it’d be simply doing what needs to be done. If diapers need changing, he changes them. If babies need to be fed and Sarah isn’t around to feed them, he feeds them. And even though his personal comfort might be sacrificed, he never fails to show his two kids affection – to play with them, hug them, and kiss them often.

I want to be that kind of man – a man who surrenders his own desires to fulfill, as much as possible, the desires of others, mainly his wife and children. I want my future wife to love me not only because I’m so attractive and athletic, but because I’m committed – because I have the “just do it” mentality and it’s directed toward loving her and our future kids. Such a love reflects God.


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