Noticing God…

One argument against Christianity that I’ve often heard deals with His commandment to worship Him and Him alone. “Sounds a lot like Narcissism to me,” some have said. “God’s got a serious ego problem,” others say. I must admit this seems to be a possibility, but it isn’t a complete explanation. There’s an element missing.

Over the past couple of weeks – maybe even months – I’ve struggled with being alone. Not only does the internet become more of a temptation, but whenever I have something on my heart and mind, I don’t really have anybody to spill it to. Most of my closer friends are dating, getting engaged, or are already married and therefore have a close companion to open up to. I don’t – at least, not yet. And waiting for that to change has had so many lonely nights.

Why is it a big deal to have somebody to listen to you? You have God; He will always listen to you. Yes, but He doesn’t appeal to my 5 senses; I don’t get to see that He’s listening and He doesn’t talk much (audibly) to let me know He hears me. If I had a girlfriend or a wife, then I’d be able to see that somebody hears me. I’d be able to know that somebody notices me.

My desire for a wife walks hand in hand with my desire to be loved – to be genuinely cared for. I believe this to be a desire that every human being has: On some level, we just want to know that we’re loved and that we matter. But what’s the cause of this desire? Why does everyone want to feel loved and noticed?

“So God created man in His own image,
in the image of God He created him;
male and female He created them,” – Genesis 1:27

If we were made in His image and we have this intrinsic desire to be loved, then perhaps God has that same desire. Perhaps all the commandments to worship and serve God alone aren’t reflections of His Narcissistic complex, but rather His perfect and pure desire to be loved. Maybe God, at the very least, just wants us to notice Him?

While I wait for that unique woman to notice me and to finish out her days with me, I feel I must notice God. No, He’s probably not going to vent His frustrations about an exhausting day at work, but He does want to hear about mine. God knows we love Him, but He sees that we love Him when we make time to spend with Him.

God bless.


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