Following a Potent God…

Perhaps this post would have been more appropriate on my blog’s third birthday, but for some reason, Jesus’ career has been on my mind. As the Scriptures say, it was roughly three years. We’re often amazed by how much Jesus actually accomplished in there years, but then again, He’s the Son of God, so of course He’d get that much done. And yet, there were twelve faithful followers who went with him nearly every step of the way: His disciples.

Of course, those familiar with the Gospel narratives know that Judas would eventually betray Jesus (right when it was most critical for him to remain a follower), but for most of those three years, these disciples never left Jesus’ side. They hung on His every word and, like good interns, put up with His rather odd and short-notice requests (i.e. Mark 6:37; thousands of people around them, Jesus asks His disciples to feed them). And when it was all said and done – when Jesus had fulfilled what He came to earth to fulfill – He handed the keys to the place, His church, to His disciples.

Can you imagine that happening in today’s time? I’ve been working for the Duck Store for a little over a year now and there is no possible way I could ever become CEO of the place in the next two years or so – let alone a supervisor. And yet, Jesus had fully entrusted His movement with the ones who stuck with Him every step of the way – even when they stumbled and faltered, which happened quite a bit (consider Peter’s life story). We can learn something beautiful about God in their story.

We can learn that it doesn’t take Him long to make a substantial difference in someone’s life. We can learn that such a process of internal transformation – a transformation of the heart – becomes smoother and smoother the closer one walks with Jesus. And we can learn that our lives aren’t about what we’ve left behind, but rather what God is bringing forward. These men started as fishermen, but ended as Apostles who laid the foundation for a faith we now inherit (and, sadly, take for granted).

As Thanksgiving Day draws closer and closer, I feel no other inclination than to thank God for His potency – that in three short years with Jesus, twelve men launched a movement that continues to this day, our day, so that I just might spend ten years trying to figure out exactly how Jesus wants me to live. If only I would be so bold as to follow Him as closely as they did.

The beauty of it all is that God has the same potency today as He did then. If I drop everything and follow Him just as they did, I might get a taste of what they saw and felt. And who knows, maybe I might be living a life that better resembles the life of Christ?

God bless.


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