Initial Thoughts After One Day of Only-Phone Calls…

I didn’t make many phone calls today. Of course, when your sole objective for the day is to get your room clean (something I did not accomplish), you don’t really need to talk to people. But I noticed something about the few phone calls I did make and it’s something that I’m going to have to guard myself against.

My brother sent me a text reminding me of an upcoming phone bill, but he used a particular phrase that I paused over for a bit. He said, “When you’re up for it, we’ll talk…” I know that he meant it in a way of saying, “when you’re free,” but my comfort zone’s lawyer whispered, “He said, ‘When you’re up for it,’ well you don’t have to be up for it right now; you can be ‘busy’ with something…”

The whole point behind my decision to only call people for one month (at least, maybe longer) was to challenge myself in vocally engaging people. I had today off and apart from cleaning my room and heading over to Barnes & Noble, I had nothing planned. The only way for me to have been “busy” with something was if my room-cleaning had somehow distracted me from my phone or if my car had exploded. What did I do? Shirking the comfort-zone mentality, I called my brother.

What I’m finding a little unnerving is that this was only day one; there are 30 days (at least) left to go. If I’m already avoiding calling people, then I’ve already lost in this challenge. There’d be no point to keep going with something I already lost at. And I can’t even imagine how I’d feel if this had been a New Year’s resolution; it’d be a long year for sure.

In short, today was a success, but had potential of becoming a failure. I made nothing but phone calls, finished reading a book, wrote in my journal, and now have written a blog. In regards to my resolutions, I’m (thankfully) off to a good start (except that asking-a-girl-out part). But today was day one; it’s time to put my head down and commit to the long-haul.

God bless!

(And kudos to Sierra for also having a successful day!)


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